The Best Cable Deals Online

In the past I always had satellite television, but I guess my breaking point was when I was all set to watch the Super Bowl and the satellite television went out due to bad weather and I missed the entire first half of the game. I know some people may not think it would be such a big deal, but I had a lot of money riding on the game. The very next day I started to look for Comcast service locations online.

I knew about Comcast because I kept seeing their commercials on television. I was very curious about the channel lineup as well as the other services they offered. I had regular DSL from the phone company and the speed was very slow compared to the amazing speeds Comcast boasted about on their commercials. Plus they offered what they called a triple play which would be a perfect thing for me.

Another thing I really like was they locked the price in for two years. The price of my satellite television went up every year and I never seemed to get anything new with the new higher price. When I found your website I was even more excited because you showed me great deals for the perfect package for me. I normally don’t get all of the paid movie channels, but thanks to the great savings I found on your website I felt comfortable ordering all of the movie channels. Now when my friends get together to watch movies, they all come to my house. I also decided to get a much larger HDTV and everyone says it is almost like watching a movie in a theater. I make popcorn and everyone brings snacks and at least once weekend a month we have a movie marathon night of our favorite movies.

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