Sticking with a Stable Fixed-Rate Plan for Our Natural Gas Usage at Home

We signed up with a company to get a new stable rate for our natural gas bill here in Ohio. We get a lot of wind and snow off of the lake in the wintertime. We can vary from no snow to being inundated with it due to lake-effect snowfalls. When an Arctic blast comes down from the north, our furnace kicks into overdrive. Sometimes it seems that it never shuts off. We get our natural gas from Direct Energy Ohio in order to save money on our monthly bill.

The kids do not think about the heat when they turn up the thermostat. I do because I am the one to write the checks to pay the bills. Natural gas can be inexpensive in smaller quantities, but it can really add up if you have a big house where everyone wants to stay toasty warm. I turn down the heat at night to save a few dollars on the natural gas we use. It has been making a difference. Instead of the kids sleeping without a blanket while the furnace runs, now they get under a warm comforter while the furnace takes a break in the night.

However, during the day when I am not underneath my warm covers, I want it toasty warm in our house. My goal is to one day be able to follow summertime wherever it goes in the world, but right now I am stuck making the best of a chilly winter situation that we normally have here in Ohio. We buy our gas from Direct Energy Ohio at a fixed stable rate. I think that is so much wiser than gambling on a variable rate for natural gas that can shoot up sky high overnight. Stable fixed rate plans let you know what you will have to spend every month.

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