Started to Think About the New Building

We have just started to think about the new building this morning. We held a meeting and talked about the site preparation. Of course we are still putting the contracts together. I was talking to this guy who does roof installation in NYC and they are going to have to give us a pretty good deal if we are going to get this project in at a reasonable price. We are looking at what we need to do and it is going to take a bit of time before we are going to be able to figure out what they are going to charge us on the job. It is not like they are going to do as a charitable endeavor of course. They are going to try to do the job at a price where they make money and it makes sense for us to pay them. It is not easy for me to figure out what that means though. It seems like this is going to be really expensive, but that is how these things work obviously.y.

At any rate we are going to get the quotes on the job and we are thinking about what we can do on our own. We do not have much building experience, but we have engineers and we have guys working for us who work in steel fabrication. We are thinking that this building does not have to be some sort of complicated thing. It just just needs to be able to keep the weather out out of the inventory. So long as it keeps stuff dry there is not that much else to the idea. Of course it is going to be used for large scale fabrication jobs, which is why we need to have it be such a large open structure.

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