Started Looking for a New Place to Live

Started looking for a new place to live this morning. Of course I want to find a place where I can live alone and affordably, since it has not worked out very well when I tried to share a place with another guy. If you click here you can see what it costs to get a place around here. That is the place I was sharing with Mike. Of course his name was on the lease and that made it easy for me to walk away when he stopped paying his share of the bills. If my name had been on the lease I would have had to try to kick him out and then find some other person to replace him, but that was not necessary and I am very pleased that I was able to get out of it without being caught in the box. I am looking to get a place where I do not have to worry about depending on a roommate. That seems a bit more complicated and it does not work out so well all of the time.

In theory a guy to share the expenses is great. In particular it is great if you have cable and you are paying for the internet. Two guys can split the cost of those things and be no worse off obviously. Since I need the internet I have to pay for that by my own self if I get a room alone, but I was ending up paying all of it in the old deal. The guy I was living with started out doing stuff like he said that he would, but over time he started sliding. At the end he was not even pretending to pay any of the bills. Of course he had to know I was only going to take so much.

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