Direct-Satellite-TV Experts Ready to Help

So like most people today, you have a TV and need a satellite service. When you have DirecTV you can call a expert at any time for help, 24 hours per day. Help is available to you 365 days a year and with DirecTV there is always a friendly easy to understand expert on the other end of the phone ready to answer all your questions.

Have you every wished you could have your very own genie in a magic bottle? Well with DirecTV not only can you call a expert for help anytime that you need to, you can also get a genie, not a magical genie in a bottle but a DirecTV Genie for your viewing and recording needs.

What is the DirecTV Genie, well it is a HD/DVR recorder that lets you record up to five (5) of your favorite TV shows all at one time. With the old standard HD/DVR recording system you could only record two (2) shows at one time and when that first came out well we all thought that was the greatest thing ever invested but time do change. I also remember the black and white television sets, and the fact we only had about five (5) TV stations that all when off the air at midnight with the play of the national anthem. Now I have dated myself and you know that I am a child of the 1950’s, but this kid is ready for a new toy.

With the DirecTV Genie I can record up to five (5) shows at one time, and my storage capacity has now tripled to 1 TB of storage. We all have busy lives and we need the flexibility in our free time to watch our favorite television show when it fits into our schedule.

With the DirecTV Genie you now have that ability, and your Genie may not come in a magical bottle but I can tell you that your Genie HD/DVR recording system will be like having your very own Genie in a box, making all your wishes come true, well at least all your TV recording wishes.

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