Choosing an Energy Company Based on Price

I do a personal audit of my finances every year. It was a resolution that I made to myself when I was on the brink of bankruptcy, and it has actually proven to be extremely beneficial. I have been able to cut back on some expenses, which is what happened this year for me. I was looking at a website that showcased the different energy choices that I have available to me. That might sound odd to some people because they don’t have choices like this as far as energy providers are concerned, but Texans do because it is not regulated here.

Because of that, companies can become quite competitive in order to gain more customers, which is why I always check to make sure I am getting the best possible deal. This site was extremely helpful to me because it listed more than just the company and price. While it did list those two important factors, it also has a brief description of the company, the terms for each one, and the rate per kwh. I was also able to place an order for a new service right from this site if I chose to do that.

I really liked how it gave just a basic description of the companies, and then I was able to click on a link to find out more about each company if I wanted some more in depth info on any of them. I also liked being able to see the term details, because I tend to get plans that have a 12 month duration. That fits in with my audit schedule, and I don’t have to worry about fluctuating prices either that way. This year, I saved myself several dollars per month by switching to another company, and I am also now with a company that is a lot more environmentally friendly too!

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