My Satellite Internet Helps Me Make an Informed and Educated Vote

You can drive for miles in Texas and not see much of anything. It really is a big state. Have you ever seen the State of Texas superimposed over the rest of the United States? It takes up a lot of space. Some folks want Texas to be its own country. Being out in a rural area I was just looking for satellite Internet for San Antonio folks who do not have access to cable and only spotty cell service. My neighbors are into the politics of things. I am more concerned about doing the work to provide for my own family.

There is not much I can do to change things on the political landscape other than to vote. I’m quiet about my choices, but I do extensive reading and studying of the records of the candidates I vote for. The proof is in how they vote. I get a lot of info by looking at government sponsored websites that let you see how various members of Congress vote. This goes for both my state and federal senators and representatives. Plenty of people talk about the vote for president, but they seem to forget that it is Congress that runs the country.

I learn what I need to provide an informed vote by searching for scholarly and genuine news articles on the Internet. The satellite Internet for San Antonio that I use gives me plenty of bandwidth to watch interviews, discussions and debates. I get plenty of reading done online too. They reveal themselves in what they do, say and how they vote for issues. I do not fall for the misleading campaign ads. I pretty much ignore every one. Politics is a hot topic here in Texas. I do my part by providing an informed and educated vote. Then I go back to work to take care of my own.

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Why Organically Sourced Eggs and Other Foods Simply Taste Better

I noticed over the last decade that food has really gone down hill as far as taste is concerned. Even consistency has changed. Stuff does not look or taste as good as it used to. I thought it was me. I thought that ten years passing in my life was just showing a gradual decline in my ability to taste and enjoy things. I even asked a doctor. He said it does happen, but that it was not the cause in my case. He told me to start with some organic eggs in Singapore as a food choice change, and then report back to him in a week or so. I thought that odd, but he did ask me what my favorite food was, and I told him it was eggs no matter how they are prepared.

I did not think for a second that going out and buying organic eggs in Singapore would make any difference in how the eggs tasted to me. I was wrong. I am not talking about a subjective wrong where a positive thought induced by the doctor had me thinking organic eggs were better than the commercially farmed ones. I mean these eggs look better in the pan, smell better and have that real egg flavor that is missing from the ones I have been buying for years.

The doctor told me on my return visit that organic eggs in Singapore are from chickens fed a different diet. Plus, if you choose the right type of organic you will get them from chickens not confined to tiny pens. He said that all of that bad stuff results in the awful eggs I was eating before. He said that open areas to roam, better food, no antibiotics and simple healthier living makes chickens that produce better tasting eggs. I agreed. Then he told me about switching all of my foods to organically sourced ones for better flavor.

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