You Should Do What You Can to Save Your Marriage

My friend wanted some help with his marriage. He did not know anything about counseling, and he was even a little averse to it. His wife did not know what to expect. I told them they should check out to see if they would answer all their questions before they went into a counseling commitment. I am no expert, but even I can tell they needed some sort of outside help. They are not making any progress on their own. Plus, they have the kids all messed up now with them worrying about whether or not their parents will be getting a divorce.

I think that marriage vows are absolute. That is obviously my opinion, and it is not shared by everyone. From my perspective I think that everything and anything that could be done to save a marriage should be done before you go getting a divorce lawyer. I know that emotions run high when there is serious conflict in a marriage. Infidelity and abuse make it all that much worse. Once you lose trust, it seems impossible at the time to ever be able to regain it. This is where professional help comes in. It can show you what is wrong and how to fix it.

There is no magic bullet to fix broken marriages. However, there is value in looking to see if there is something worth saving. Does forgiveness come into play? It most certainly does. That is part of both healthy and unhealthy marriages. Both sides need to learn to forgive. Both sides need to also learn respect and how to be less selfish. I am one of those people that see marriage as a 100 percent venture instead of that 50/50 thing so many people tout nowadays. I am against the Hollywood throwaway types of marriage where you stay together as long as it is okay with both parties. I see value in having a third-party counsel a couple whose marriage is on the rocks.

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Using NYC SEO to Get My Medical Specialty Number One in the Page Rankings

For my practice I did not want a cookie cutter website. I am really busy as a doctor, but I took the time to do some research of medical practice websites in the New York area where I practice. Most of them looked like template based websites with your standard information. I wanted a more dynamic website. However, I did not want any amateur content. This is why I went to a NYC SEO company to help me design a website that would stand out above and beyond the other doctor websites out there in the New York area.

I saw that some websites had blog entries. However, it was clear that the doctor had not written the entries. They looked very amateurish. I found out that some companies will use third-party writers, or crowdsourced content as it is called, to keep a website active. If you think about it, most doctor websites would be quite static. However, they truly can be dynamic and keep people coming back to learn more. The key is providing real content your customers want to see. This real content also helps your site greatly with SEO.

I wrote a few example articles for the SEO company to see. Then I tasked them to find a quality medical writer who is actually trained in medicine to write some content for our website. They have great resources and were able to fill the need. Now my site is ranked at the top for my specialty in the New York area. I stay connected with my patients who are my customers by continuing to write up some content as often as I can. The site itself is as elegant and contemporary as I want my practice to be. The great SEO content keeps it ranked number one above others in my specialty.

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