Don’t Get Left Behind with Slow Internet

When it comes to the internet, people have many different uses for it ranging from business to school and everything in between. Even on a personal level it can be very important, connecting grandmothers with grandchildren across the world or even helping soldiers to talk with their family back home. The bottom line is that connecting to the internet has grown exponentially from the fad it once was, as now it is a part of everyday life. For most people it is simply unfathomable to go without, which is why New Jersey DSL internet has become a popular choice among residents.

Whether a person really understands much about technology or not, it is still surprisingly easy to tell the difference between a slow and fast connection. Even something simple like checking your e-mail can take forever on a bad connection, let alone truly bandwidth intensive things such as high definition video or online gaming. The simple fact is that these days getting a high speed broadband connection is practically mandatory, as websites and services have all begun to assume that all of their users have the speed necessary for media intensive usage.

Of course the other factor coming into this lately is that most homes do not simply have one computer. Even just 10 years ago it was not common for every home to have a computer, let alone multiple devices connecting to the internet. Kids are now getting laptops of their own while parents have a separate machine, but gaming consoles and other devices are also getting connected to Wi-Fi routers everywhere. Even common smartphones will use Wi-Fi when you are at home to save precious data plans, so speed can really be important. The bottom line is if something is even slightly slow, splitting it up to be used by several devices will only amplify the bottleneck so now is the time to upgrade.

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They Needed a Faster Connection

When I lost my job, I ended up having to move back in with my parents. That was interesting for a number of reasons, because I had not lived with them for nearly six years. I just needed time to regroup, and it was going to save me money by living with them until I did. Everything was cool on their end with the exception of one thing, which was easy enough to remedy. Their Internet connection was the same one that they had when I was a kid, so I looked up plans on DSL so I could get them into the modern ages.

There is nothing wrong with dial up if you rarely use a computer. My folks aren’t like that though. They both play games on there, enjoy social media, and take care of their banking and other finances online. How they can even do all of that with the connection they had is beyond me. I would say they didn’t know any better or are the types who don’t like change, but that is not the case either. It did not take me long to determine which company had the best deals for them out of all the ones that offer Internet service in their area.

When they saw how much quicker their connection is with their new service, they told me they wished they had known that it would have made that much of a difference. They really enjoyed their time online before, but now they are on there even more. Mom is even thinking about canceling their cable subscription because they both watch their TV programming on their laptops now. It really is funny watching them, and I hope that I am just as awesome as they are when I get to be their age.

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